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Absolutely done

How can you actually expect people to play this garbage when it’s quite clearly rigged? I have just had two opponents hit 7 criticals in a row…in a row?! yet my dinosaur which has a 40% chance of a crit hasnt’t done one in about ten battles?! And now i have just lost yet another pointless battle after i selected my dinosaur but for some reason the game decided ‘nah im giving you another one’…total waste of time and effort.

Ah man definitely dont go to vegas or any gambling venue lol


I play this game cuz it’s fun. I don’t care if I lose or win if I have a good time unless I was completely demolished. That would just make me improve on my team. I also just play the game cuzJ like dinos

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It’s chance lol everyone gets unlucky and lucky streaks. Stop complaining.


Yeah the odds in this game can be rough sometimes. Sometimes it goes full throttle in your favor too though. Rage inducing for sure. I had 10+ stun misses in a row in this tournament during which every stun against me landed.

But, that issue you spoke of at the end was part of the bug post I made today because I too saw this happening where I would pick one dino but it would give the next available dino from the left instead of the dino I picked. Something went crazy earlier for about an hour and I was seeing all sorts of errors (no connections issues on my end). Seems to no longer be happening but these issues need to be looked into.

Stop complaining and just enjoy the game. People jump to conclusions too fast man

In the rare skill tournament, my stuns landing were about 40/60, and yet I still did very well. It’s just the luck of the draw

I have to play tournaments on both my own account and my wifes. She is just getting to angry loosing :rofl: :rofl: