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Absolutely done!

Add my name to list of folk boycotting pvp because this is just now pathetic.

It’s the same garbage everyday, takes hours just to get ten takedowns, well I’m done.


And please don’t do this… :rofl:

Not mine. But someone else’s that I’ve encountered in the Arena

Yeah! i hate that!

Droppers suck. PvP is bad enough, but they go down purposely to farm easily incubators


I honestly don’t blame “fair droppers” nowadays (since I’m one of them!). And by fair dropper, I mean, to drop lower than you could be to get incs more easily. But not drop that much. Though once I got so infuriated that I ALMOST did that just to exactly boycott the game, but I gave up on that… not cool to players who just want to have fun.

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Indoraptor is useless since it got nerfed…so would guess they are probably genuinely at the same level as you


That’ also very possible, especially cause Library is full of strong teams


Ludia needs to take a hard look at the pity ai… because I think recent match making changes have changed the complexity of the arenas a bit… Teams that might not be able to handle avairy right now ie (maybe their winning %40 of their matches) but the pity ai happens as they drop down to ruins get a lucky match and poof their back where they don’t belong losing to a team that might also be to weak to compete.

Then the finally get matched up against what should be a “real avairy team” and get slaughtered. Cause 30 indos are pretty common in avairy.

Removing the pity ai might lower the floor for a lot of players but it might also create a better experience.