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Absolutely incredible luck


Just completed the cenezoic battle event and opened the pack expecting the usual common I get every week but instead see a golden Mastodonsaurus glowing majestically. The pack indicated that the odds of this occurring are less than 1% meaning it could be very slim odd far below 1. Any body else got any decent creatures from this normally bleak pack


@Baryonyx106. Sweet!!! Congrats. I’ve still got one more battle to complete for that one. Let’s see what I get loll!


Very lucky indeed congratulations.


Congrats! I once got an Antarctopelta, but other than that, nothing exciting


Oooo and aahhhh

It’s all shiny and sparkly. I bet in real life it was a stinker.

Congrats!! I use mastodonsaurus a lot in battles, its a great catch!

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I got an Einiosaurus


Wow, nice find indeed. I just got a rare Carnotosaurus. Meh.


Im with you Mary Jo, I got a Monolophosaurus. Meeeeeh


Some times I get tournaments


Congrats. Rcvd a Rare Megaloceros.

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