Absolutely ridiculous

I see you never change, Ludia. I played JWA religiously for almost a year. I got sick of your crap there. So I explored other options. I found Rise of Berk. But after a few short weeks and quite a few dollars spent…I see you are still the same old Ludia just a different game. All about the $$$$$$$, not the player experience. I just spent a BUNCH of money on the $10.61 card pack to try to get Crubber cause he is cuuuuuute with his little heart moles. I got 4 Kilnkins in a row and a few Shimmerwings. All that money for two dragons and a bunch of dupes. This isn’t Titan Uprising where dupes are even that useful either (played that a few weeks as well, what a disappointment). Sure you can get Amber and fish from dupes, but at my point In the game it’s a waste to trade them in because my resource containers aren’t near big enough to hold the fish.

You should not be able to get the same dragon over and over and over. Not to mention, you should really show the probability of each dragon in packs. I spent WAY more than this trying to get Springshedder.

So, Ludia. Not one, not two, but THREE of your games I’ve played RECENTLY (not including the other Jurassic games I played years ago that you have destroyed with your money grubbing), and you are completely destroying these games and losing players. Almost my entire alliance (50 players) quit in JWA over your last update, yet I see you never learn. You make me sick.

I quit buying packs for this reason. I have 4 Skrill, would be 5 but released it cause I was pissed, from using runes I bought to purchase packs. Same dragon every time. Very disappointing.

I’ll pay to be a dragon rider to get the few little extra things. I’ll buy dragons with the extra stuff they come with once in a while. But if I don’t know exactly what I’m getting. Nope. No more random chance purchases for me. Unless it is a one time thing. In which case it doesn’t matter haha