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Absorption and Reflection shields

Recently I made some ideas for insects in jwa that utilized damage-reflecting shields. While doing this I noticed how there seems to be a lack of variety in full resilient creatures all together (mainly just being simple shielding and slowing moves).
Here are my ideas on how more interesting shields could be incorporated for future creatures.

Reflective shield: blocks a certain % of dmg, deals counter dmg that’s a certain percentage of the enemy’s attack

Absorption shield: blocks a certain % of dmg, adds a % damage boost (or a different effect boost) in relation to the dmg of the blocked enemy attack

Effect reflective shield: doesn’t deal damage, but applies shield that reflects negative effects (wound, distraction, etc)

All of these would not apply if the shield is broken, allowing heavy hitting fierce creatures to still counter resilients.
If anyone has any more resilient ability ideas, drop them below!

I like the idea. A different variety of moves for the resilients