a creature will absorb 33 percent of its attacker should also strike accordingly… if there is 1 left of the 3 it should attack at a third of the attack


I have no idea what any of this means

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this creature has ability to absorb attack. After each creature is knocked out so should its attack be reduced by one third

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No offense but I have no idea what ur talking about

Can anyone else handle this?

Basically the attack would go down with health so if you had 1800 attack at 3 flock members it would go down to 1200 when u lost 1 member that would be cool if they had idk 3000 attack or else they would be useless


This nerf is way too harsh.I don’t want anydino to join the tragedy of yoshi, indo gen 2, hadros, magnus, neyms, testa, phorurex and so on


Interesting concept, which I thought of myself. However it shouldn’t be added, because it would make flocks too weak


Good. I’ve also said this. How can two flock members deal the same damage as 3? Oh well for those that don’t like it. Then stop putting 8 flocks on your tournament team.

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I had only flock counters😂

I’m still super mad about magnus. That armor nerf was completely unnecessary and the crit nerf wasn’t essential either. If you brought back old magnus now, it still wouldn’t be used as much as ParaT or bortcevia

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Obviously,cera doesn’t have any pin resistance so basically tarbo will shred through it