Absurd Amount of Connection Problems

Who else is experiencing an absurd level of connection problems since the update? I am so over the purple circle and then blaming my internet when I show full service. Just now, I went to take a walk in a park I’ve walked and hunted a million times. Of course there’s been the sporadic problems but typically not. I needed to use a Lunar scent before reset so none get wasted. I activate my scent, an Arambo spawns, I try to dart it. Purple circle. I try to wait it out but eventually give up and restart. I walk 5 minutes thinking maybe it was just a bad spot. Still unable to connect. Still blames my full service internet connection. So I’ve wasted a Lunar scent and feel sad I don’t think I can walk in my park anymore. I don’t wish this on anyone but also selfishly hope I’m not alone. My next step will be to contact support but just wanting to know if anyone else is having the same experience. I have to be able to get in the game to do it because for some reason, my emails don’t make it to them :laughing: Gosh bless this money pit.


Connection since last update has become an issue for me for the first time since I started playing. also all of a sudden if an incubator is collectable and I want to activate a new one the game just crashes. Matchmaking times out more than it connects and “fight AI” is visible for a fraction of a second before I get redirected to an (AI) fight (I didn’t choose or a “time out” message.

Yes yes YES! Ever since the update, I cant connect to the game on my home internet. It’ll refuse to remember my login information and get stuck at login, or if it actually lets me log in it’ll get stuck on the main load screen. If I switch off to my data, which I’ve wasted ALL of it because of this game, it’ll let me log in fine! If I use my husband’s hotspot, it’s fine! If I log in at work, it’s FINE. Rarely if I start on data, I can switch over for a short time to my home wifi but half the images wont load and it’ll get stuck in a loading screen or an incubator or something. It’s ridiculously frustrating and I’m about ready to stop playing.

YES I’ve restarted my router, YES I’ve done all the hardware troubleshooting. It’s the game. Even when I’m on another connection, I’ll get “Youre not logged into the chat server!” or something along those lines when I visit my alliance. It only lasts a short time, but I’ve also wasted scents and lost battles.

Pensé que solo me pasaba a mí, ya ni me deja jugar en lugares en donde siempre lo e hecho, y problemas con mi datos móviles, no lo creo, ya que todo funciona normal menos JWA después de la última actualización.

Translated from Spanish

I thought it just happened to me, it doesn’t even let me play in places where I’ve always done it, and problems with my mobile data, I don’t think so, since everything works normal except JWA after the last update.

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