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Abusive Behavior

What is the purpose of this to begin with?

Nah, probably just bored Gyro player :slight_smile:
And if they are so bad, you should beat them without problem, yes?

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They need to add a name and shame category.

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What does that even mean? That’s not the point. We’re talking about how this people, with high lvl and fully boosted creatures fight those with lower levels and normally unboosted creatures. I would love to see you with a team of lvl 15’ - 18’s taking down a fully boosted and leveled team.

Then these players with fully boosted and leveled team aren’t bad players, right?

Not if my whole team gets one shot.

The truth they’re bad at the game and are tired of losing, so they drop down to terrorize the lower arenas since they’re guaranteed to win every fight.

I always do one thing when i encounter droppers

I let them win, I mean their point if to drop arenas to bully low level players. So if they win they have to go up.

Its also unfortunate when they dont get their level 28-30 :smirk:

Man how unfortunate would it be if they didnt get their testa :smirk_cat:

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