Acanthostega Tournament - 7/26-28

The Rules have been announced for this weekend’s Acanthostega tournament: Commons and Rares only. The last time we had a Rares only tournament, I found it to be hybrids (although not maxed hybrids) were essential to winning and finished 2 points above the cutoff for Dominator. I believe this was the Ceratosaurus tournament.

Here’s our discussion of the tournament.

Ceratosaurus Tourney Tracker


Wow, that’s really interesting. That’s going to be a tough one for me I think, I still have a pretty limited number of rare hybrids and most are not maxed yet. And I really hoped to at least have made a second Diplosuchus by now, but the s-DNA for him is SO hard to come by now.

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Ugh, didn’t they just have a tourney for this Dino not too long ago? I wasn’t crazy about her stats so I haven’t even hatched the one I got from the last tournament…

Had a Clash of Titans in February/March


If the Ceratosaurus tournament is anything to go by, a bunch of level 20 hybrids will be much better than a level 40. Level 10s might be better. Level 30 and 40 hybrids got you only 20 trophies, although they did win

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Ah okay good to know, I haven’t had a chance to read over that whole thread yet. I still don’t have that many unfortunately but I did have a few I was hoping to level up further so I’ll hold off on going any further with those until after this. But unlike players much further along, I don’t have the DNA available such that I can hatch a batch of new ones so just have to make due with what little I have. But it sounds like this isn’t all that useful a dino to unlock anyway.

It’s also a Mod tournament. I only have a few Common-and rare Hybrids so I definitely won’t waste cool downs and mods for the Arcanthostega it’s an easy pass.
I’m on holidays anyway so I’m actually kinda glad this underwhelming tournament is this WE.

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Where do you see anything about Mods? That would definitely be news to me

OMG you have got to be kidding me! It does appear that the image posted for the tournament does have the icon indicating a Mod tournament.

Yeah, saw that after I posted my question. On the previous Mods Tournaments, Ludia was very upfront that they were Mods Tournaments. Other than that graphic, there has been no mention of Mods. I’m glad I already have Acanthostega unlocked, because this is shaping up to be a rough tournament if it has Rules and Mods

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Well the one upside is since I have so few rare hybrids, I won’t have to be spending much time each day to play. Because I sure am not paying for cooldowns. This one may set a new record for low participation.

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A Common/Rare tournament (unmodded) where nonhybrids were actually useful could have been a fun tournament since we would be using creatures that don’t typically get used

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Also the Dominator Prize wheel was a huge letdown last week.
That in combination with a Common/Rare Mod tournament for a low end tournament dinosaur isn’t really tempting to put any time and effort into it.

Are mods needed for this tourney

Strange to see so many limitations for this one. Few months ago, it was easily unlocked in Clash, now this. Though the opposite is also true (Cerato had a pretty hard tourney, then a easy Clash unlock not too long after). And even though Acanthostega is lovely and i’m grateful for it’s role in Evolution, i don’t think it’s that great compared to other event creatures. It doesn’t even have one of those crazy shiny hybrids.

Confirmed on the rules:

Thank you for the updates on the tournament. :pray:t3::pray:t3:

For once I am grateful that I always hatched and evolved everything I could.

…and so on…


Only did the initial climb for the SDNA. Not really worth spending MODs to get a creature i already have unlocked. Top of Predator/Bottom of Dominator was ruled by max level rare hybrids.

So much for thinking this would be low participation. Top of Predator already more than 200 points. I’ll finish the climb too for the s-DNA but if it continues at this pace probably won’t bother to try and stay there. We’ll see.