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Accepting raid invites when underpowered

So is it fair to a team to do this? I get invites from people for raids of level 14, 16, 24… yet my best decent teamster is only 12 (I only started a few days ago).

I have been refusing ones over 14 (well, I had an invite for 14 but only two people answered the summon so the other person backed out) because I am not sure if I’d be any good as help (though I main with a so-far-unboosted carbonemys so I don’t think I’d be in danger of death with their crazy defense and taunt sheilds, but I just don’t want to annoy people by popping in and taking up a slot two to four levels short of everyone else)

Raids in JWA are a little different than what other games are. There is a very specific set of turns you need to do. You need a particular creature for each raid as well. Yes you can be carried through the Mortem Raid with a level 1 Sloth, is it ethical to do it, debatable but it can be done if your teammates are big enough. Just doing a raid to join in won’t work with the bigger ones, anything larger than an Epic. You will just be wasting everyone’s time. If you don’t know what Strat the person is trying to run I would say don’t accept if you have a creature that is used in a Strat and its at level then by all means help them out.

Which is why we need raid chat.