Access to AMC Event from non-US residents denied?


So this is messed up… coz I took a pretty big risk to try and get this AMC reward - I’m in a JWA facebook group, where I asked if someone from the US could use my account to log in and pick me up the reward (A lot of people said to just spoof it, but I’ve dropped a bit of coin on my account so no way am I risking getting it banned).

HOWEVER! When they logged in outside the Theater - no incubator to be collected.

Have they completely blocked access to it for non-US residents? What if you’re traveling there from outside of the US?!


What you have done is spoofing. No less. I’m glad they put a security against cheaters. I won’t say you should be banned, I say you should be warned and flagged.

I know it’s not “fair” but they made a deal with AMC so they get an exclusive reward. I won’t get one because I live in Europe but it’s OK, it’s a part of a worldwide game : you can’t have everything.


Others have complained that it doesn’t appear to work for every amc theater.
But you have every right to be mad.
The amc reward is like 3 legends in one.


Well he got his from the same Theater he tried mine at - so that just super sucks.

That’s a huge advantage for those in the US vs those outside of the US in Arenas!


agree give some kind rewards to rest of players ( Europe here)


I tried a similiar way, also no success :frowning:
Im very disappointed for such coubtry limited actions…


I know how you feel @OWDSKL and @Grozota I have no AMC theater within 100+ miles of me and i live in the us.