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Accidental evolution

So I did some multi fuses, and was left with 1 fuse left worth of DNA left (for one of the dinos). I went ahead and clicked fuse again before moving to the superhybrid. Or so I though. And now I have a lvl 21 Indominus Rex…
Just to confirm, there is no way to revert that, right?

That’s correct. Absolutely no way they’ll do anything about it. It’s been discussed multiple times and Ludia says they won’t fix it.

Unfortunately you are stuck with it.

The exceptions are of course if they mess up. Like when they first introduced Pteraquetzal and it needed both creatures to be at level 20 to fuse. Then they’ll take responsibility and refund you.

Well, the multi fuse did introduce a previously unavailable scenario - keeping on with fusing while well ahead of the level up DNA. Which can lead to muscle memory kinda mistake.
But I guess, in the end, it’s on me. Oh well, It’s done… Thanks for the answer!


It’s refreshing to see someone accepting things as they are without whining about it.