Accidental Gem usage + crash

I ACCIDENTALLY used gems to revive at sharpstone keep challenge on stage 7.
And then something worse even happened. Right at that split second i revived my game crashed.
I loaded the game back up and well… it ate my gems, i have no gems left. I was given the option to continue my challenge but once I did none of my characters were healed to full like it is supposed to when you revive. Instead they were at the same state when they finished the previous stage. I still didn’t get far in the challenge, died immediately on the next stage.

So i’m out 250 gems, no gems left anymore, AND got nowhere.

What are the chances that I will get my gems back? I submitted my ticket and pleaded my case. I hope someone that works here can accelerate the progress. I’m a little pissed off right now as NOTHING is going my way in this game and after using a huge bunch of gems to … do nothing, I’m at a loss for words.

I can understand your frustration, @sigma, and I’m sorry to hear that happened. I don’t have access to our team’s procedures, however, rest assured that they’ll do their best to try and assist you once they get a chance to review the ticket you sent in.