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Accidental in-game purchase


My phone experience a lag because of messages my friends send me when I am in the draft scene. In attempt to slove the lag, I accidentally purchase 10 basic draft. It is not intentional so I would like to have a refund. I did/will not use or sell dragons I get in this accidental purchase. Hope you can offer some help.

Also would like to suggest adding confirmation in purchases to prevent stuff like this from happening. Thank you


You should take your support key off this post. Don’t put that in public. Also, try contacting support via in-game button

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@John It has been over one day. I have sent ticket both in-game and with email. There is no reply at all. I have to not use/well the accidental purchased dragons which is filling up my roster and preventing me from playing the game. May you please help me look into it?


Hey there @Dipper, I’m sorry to hear that you have not yet received a response from our support team. I know that they work as quickly as possible to respond to everyone’s requests, but this can sometimes take up to a few business days depending on overall ticket volume.

In the meantime, we recommend that our players not send in additional replies, as these can affect their position in our queues.


I am very satisfied with the customer service. They are slow in response but they are much better than other games’. They are friendly and helpful (including you). I am very impressed


They are not very helpful in my opinion. I have experienced quite a few bugs, taken pictures as proof and only been helped on one of the three ocations. The service is terrible and these bugs affected my gameplay for about 48 hours. Not acceptable to a competitive gamer who strives for nothing but the best results. Bad service. Hope they get kore staff on the support team and I hope there reasoning skills improve because the last person I spoke too was damn right rude.


WoW, it seems That we have very different experience. I do agree with the slow part. It takes in total of 3 and a half day to solve the issue. But I do appreciate the response they give


“a competitive gamer who strives for nothing but the best results” TBH might I suggest you move to console games?


I’ll play what I want too, thank you very much


I don’t know all the facts about your interactions with Ludia’s support, hence me being unable to comment on that directly. I do know that console games are generally more competition-friendly and with higher budgets for support staff. My points being you’re probably going to enjoy a console game more based on this one post you’ve made and a reminder that those are actual people who deserve a basic level of respect on the other end.


I am always polite when speaking to people. My point is I had a bad experience with those people on the other end and for that reason I wanted my point heard.