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Accidental level up

I accidentally leveled up my ankyntrosaurus yesterday to level 21 (was fusing to make dna for trykosaurus). This made me lose 350 dna to use for tryko and 60000 coins. Is there any way to reverse this? Thanks in advance!

The answer in no. If it’s any consolation, it happened to me twice. I have Ankylosauro (the dino I need most) in 16 and Indominus Rex also 16

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I feel for you. Unfortunately, there is probably no way to undo it now

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It’s built that way by design actually, at least near as everyone can tell. People have been asking for a ‘confirm’ button, but Ludia (in typical fashion) never replies to those threads.

It’s happened to me as well.


I have also accidentally levelled dinosaurs before, they refuse to put a simple confirm button. Would take a few minutes of dev time to write it and a little bit more to implement it into the game, I see no reason not to have included one from the start, unless they specifically want such accidents to happen.


I did this 3 times lol. Be careful. Mine are trex, irritator, and ankyntro oof. You won’t get it back.

Yup happened to me as well and I also sent Ludia a message suggesting a 2 step button to avoid accidents but their answer was just “be more careful in the future”


This has happened to me before too. We need a confirmation button!

Should have responded with “Be less greedy in the future” lol


I did that to my Pteraquetzal. Now I have a level 21. Wasted loads of quetza dna…

My Stegoceratops is level 19 and Amargocephalus is 17, damn :smiley:

My hall of shame:

Lvl 16 Secodontosaurus
Lvl 21 Stygimoloch Gen2
Lvl 16 Purutaurus

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Luckily I never level up my dino accidentally but it 'd be so painful

Be glad you didn’t make an accidental purchase…yet.


So far I have not accidentally leveled up or bought anything. Consider that an achievement :wink:

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Ever wonder why the “EVOLVE” button is a huuuge billboard instead of a small button like it should be? Ah, I’m glad you asked, mate. You see, LootzYa made it that way on purpose so you would have a higher chance of accidentally touching it.

Profits over pleasure, as usual! :poop: :money_mouth_face:


And now multi fusion is right near it. Got to be really cautious xD


Yup, you need to do a “Cautious Strike” now! :rofl:


Lmao yeah.

And here’s a tip. Never put your phone down with the game looking at a creature. If you open the game again it will lag for a minute to catch up. Increasing the chance that you press evolve. Happened to my ankyntro. Luckily my tryko is starting on lvl 30. Still a big bummer but oh well. They don’t give it back.


I had it really bad one time because apparently (and I can’t figure out why) my phone’s screen gets so sensitive that if I put it face down on an uneven surface it assumes someone is touching it. And this one time it just assumed I wanted to level up stygy gen 2 from 20 to 22. Blew my +100K coins on the stupid thing I almost wanted to throw my phone in the garbage when I found out what had happened.

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