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Accidental purchase- Is it really accidental or a new way for Ludia to make money?

When we try to start an incubator atleast once or twice a day it doesn’t work. So we click it again and it works or it doesn’t. We do it again and then we see that the incubator has been opened by green cash. This is happening atleast 4-5 times min a week. This way they make us spend HC on items we don’t want to.
Then comes the best part . When you are driving I dunno why the screen keeps going to the free incubator screen along with other purchases. And most often we accidentally clicked on it but cancel it . But sometimes when we are opening our incubator , it just freezes sometimes and we just see a incubator size blue screen and we click it couple of times and bang, you made an accidental purchase. You come to the forums and ask for help. You are told to send an email to them about it. You do that and this is their new answer now as they want us to spend money
We are sorry but we cannot do anything about the purchases made in-game.
This is not the way at all they should now deal with this kind of things. People were getting refunded before but now they get this answer.
If it was one of the alliance which everyone says spends a lot. They would personally call them and ask forgiveness and refund their HC . Maybe more than what was spent.
We all uses to spend loads of money on this game but when they started doing lots of crazy things we have stopped. Hence we are not good customers for them
I lost 5000 HC for an normal epic incubator , not even an exclusive. And they don’t want to return anything.

Is this the way we should be treated now? . What do you people think?

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The game is well known for never wanting to include confirmation buttons, like when accidentally levelling a dinosaur, they don’t even have a confirm button for that, only reason not to include a simple confirm button would be if you benefit from the accident happening…and id say a player wasting good DNA and thus needing to play longer (or worse spend) to get it back is an incentive to keep confirm buttons out of the game.

As for the bug you mention, I had never personally seen it, but the game overall has been pretty buggy for a long time, and since this bug is profitable in that it costs the user their DinoBux (which may have been paid for) I would say fixing it has a priority level of “candle”, not even a number.

I never managed to get help from the in game support, they always side with themselves and rule in their favour I found, so I went straight to Google and Apple and got refunds.

Though with a bug like this that uses DinoBux im not sure exactly how one would go about getting it resolved.

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Well unfortunately Google didn’t help me. Not for this and not for the older ones. So stuck here

The only fix for this on our end is to click slowly and pause between clicks. I’ve only had it happened a couple times in my history. And that’s because I’m careful about clicking.

As to the point about driving and playing… don’t even bring it up. If the Developers change being able to play while moving in a vehicle, this game dies and they know it. :skull_and_crossbones:


All we want is either have the purchase page separately where we can reach in 2-3 clicks, or after we click on the purchase option a pop up should come that
Are you sure you want to purchase this…
And 2-3 clicks would mean that we don’t reach it accidentally band purchase anything
This would really be great

Fun fact there are confirmations for declining the one time offers and vip free trial.


When the screen is frozen on that incubator thing , there ain’t one you would see

And this ain’t one time offer. It’s the normal epic incubator worth 5000 HC

Happens to all of us, just butt clicked 10,000 cash premium incubator a few weeks back. Sometimes clicking the free incubator lags and voila paid cash for wasted incubator. It has been asked repeatedly for a confirmation button and they will continue to “look into it’. It’ll never happen.


Yeah its more profitable to have accidental purchases, with a confirm button thats a lot of lost revenue.

My point was Ludia only wants a confirmation button when you want to decline a purchase… they have no need for a confirmation when you want to buy something.

This is a 100% intentional and its something that happens in all their games. Someone(s) was paid to design the Ui to encourage accidental purchases. And its not something they are going to change.

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This is the worst way of looting us

For months, my evaluation of this game in the Android store is 1 star out of 5 for this topic. And not only my evaluation but that of all the relatives and friends that I can convince.

If you are angry (rightly so) imagine how I am. Ludia tells me that I involuntarily bought not one but two rare incubators at the same time. To buy an incubator involuntarily you must make several movements. It’s difficult but not impossible. In my case to open two incubators involuntarily I had to make more than 30 involuntary movements … in a minute! I had to buy a rare incubator unintentionally, but then open it, open one by one all the items in the incubator and then open another one !!! and Ludia tells me that she has all that registered in the same minute! I told them it was impossible but all I got was to be treated with contempt for customer service.

That reminds me that I haven’t put a 1-star rating for days … I’m going to talk to a co-worker …

It’s purposefully that way, look at their other games… they have the same complaints.

It’s not just bad design.

It’s bad design for sure, though still you have option just to force close the game when screen freeze and not click anything.

@xescot Actually only way that happens is if you have phone in a pocket and screen gets unlocked. I had few times that to happen, though luckily not with the game. Had lots of things opened, even accidentally made some calls.

In my case, I had my cell phone in my hand, I went to pass the train machine card, approximately 20 seconds. When I looked at the phone again, I had a damn blue incubator on the screen. I thought “damn it, what happened to so many people, I bought an incubator unintentionally, 1000 bills thrown in the trash to get junk DNA.” I opened the incubator but saw that my account was missing 2000 bills instead of 1000 bills. I claimed customer service and told me that I had not bought an incubator, but that I had bought two at the same minute! According to them it was not a system failure (obvious thing), according to them in those 20 seconds I was able to

  1. Switch from the hunting screen to the shopping screen (1st involuntary touch)
  2. Select a blue incubator (2)
  3. Click exactly on the small “buy” area (3)
  4. Press to open the incubator (4)
  5. Press to collect the coins and wait for them to appear (5)
  6. Press to pick up the darts and wait for them to appear (6)
  7. Press to collect the first common DNA and wait for them to appear (7)
  8. Press to collect the second common DNA and wait for it to appear (8)
  9. Press to collect the first rare DNA and wait for it to appear (9)
  10. Press to collect the 2 rare DNA and wait for them to appear (10)
  11. reselect the blue incubator (11)
  12. Re-aim exactly in the small area of ​​"Buy" (12 involuntary touch)

It is simply IMPOSSIBLE, but in the same way that I can recognize that it is possible, although difficult, for me to buy an incubator involuntarily (steps 1, 2 and 3) Ludia cannot recognize that her system was wrong and they also treated me abruptly and rudely.

Therefore, what solution do I have? Well, the only one I found was that. I think about 40 pne star ratings should go. Very little damage to what they did to me, but the only thing I can do.

It’s good design. It generates a lot of money.

If there was negative rating I would give my minus 1 billion


Only reasonable explanation in your case is that game froze and you clicked twice on purchase icon. Eventhough you would need to open first incubator first, game recognized two purchases due to freeze.

Well I am not buying any HC so it has taken me so long to get this HC and they take it this way with trash dna