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Accidental purchase- Is it really accidental or a new way for Ludia to make money?

If it were a mistake, they would have fixed it by now or at least they would refund accidental purchases. It’s intentional.

Well they have the name to prove it

I remember I bought something and then I get two bank alerts on my phone, I check and it had charged me twice for the same thing, and not only that I didnt even recieve what I paid for, like at all.

I clicked purchase, an error popped up saying the sale was cancelled, disnt get the item in game and then the sale alerts come through. I check my bank and yep charged twice despite getting nothing.
I contacted support and was told sales are final, I explained that for starters I clicked purchase ONCE, and the game errors and I didnt even get anything, let alone two.

Long story short they refused to fix it, so I contacted Google and went through dispute process, showed them images of bank statement and the double payment for same thing.

I got a full refund from Google and never spent a cent on the game again.

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Also of they cared about the players they would see the risk of accidental purchases and take the time to add a confirm button, any company with ethics would see the potential risk and add a way to stop it, but since they thrive on greed they wont do it.

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