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Accidental Speedups

One big disadvantage I’ve found to playing the game on my smartphone vs. the large iPad Pro screen is the chances of accidentally clicking on something I didn’t mean to. Sure wish these had confirmations before taking your money but guess that’s yet another thing that would benefit players in terms of saving their money. This has most often happened with the hatchery but sometimes when scrolling through the available dinos for a battle I’ve accidentally hit the button for a cooldown speedup. Or I remember very early in the game when I first unlocked the trade harbor accidentally hitting the refresh for 50 DBs, when I didn’t have much more than that. Once I realized where it had gone I was so mad! That might not have been my biggest loss, but probably hurt the most as hard as DBs are to come by early in the game.

Just had this happen when I accidentally hit the speedup for one of the marsupial lions I’m hatching, costing myself almost 1K in DBs. Dang it! At least I’ve got a much bigger reserve of DBs now but that still hurts when I didn’t need to spend it.

Anyone else have a good “can’t believe I just did that” story?

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Not a speed up, but the Booster Legacy Decoration is for sale in the market. I wasn’t paying enough attention a couple of days ago and saw it. I thought I had already placed it, but there it was. I guess I hadn’t. So, I placed it. A couple of minutes later, I was back in the market (I think I needed to place a certain decoration for an story mission or was cleaning up from that) and there was the booster decoration still in the market. That’s when I noticed the 361 dino buck price.

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@Mary_Jo that happened to me once in the trade Harbour. I forget exactly what Dino it was for but I got distracted and accidentally clicked to accept the trade and it was a ridiculous one. I went so far as to contact Ludia to see if they could undo it, that’s how mad I was! Lol

They should add a "are u sure u want to do… "

Similarly, I accidentally activated the extra incubator.

adds to the danger of the game though, I have to be fully on guard at all times

Ive done it a few times, Im particularly vulnerable to cool downs slip ups, I did it yesterday. Bummer

I’ll tell you what gets me occasionally, and I would like to know why they do this, but sometimes my cool down price is in green instead of the standard blue, so it looks at first glance like a Speed up Free yet its not a speed up free button, its the normal price.

Do they do this to trick me into pressing it and spending bucks?

Ive done it on trade harbour, incubation, the lot.

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Ha, yeah I’ve almost been fooled by that too.

@Carnoraptor -Yes, they could but we know why they won’t!

Mine is green sometimes to. It always happens when I scroll down through the list and then up again. Then some of them get green, but still with a price in them.

I hope not - I don’t want to have double the amount of work every time I activate one of three premium incubators (which is every time one of them empties).

The incubators already confirm that you want to spend the money to activate them so there’d be no reason to have a second one on them anyway. Programmatically, it’s a simply matter to have such a confirmation only in places where an accidental button press is likely (such as for cool downs and hatchery speedups) and even to only activate it for higher dollar amounts (so that for instance it would only ask you to confirm the selection if the amount was, say, more than 20 DBs to do).

Just spend some 500 db on accidentally speeding up my Gigantophis…


500DB is like selling your actual soul

I spent almost 15,000 DB speeding up hatching on Tuesday. Does this mean the devil now owns my soul? :face_with_monocle:

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Aah, but you meant to do that

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What does my accidental 1000 speedup count as then? Trying to think of what’s twice as bad as selling your soul.


Selling your dog. Defo.

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You are now Dr Faustus