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Accidentally Transferred Alliance Leadership

Hey All -

I’m doubtful of anything can be done at this point, but I accidentally transferred leadership to a member who appears to be inactive. I accidentally had muted this person and thought I was unmuting them, when in fact, I transferred the alliance leadership. I blame being distracted by football and clicking too quickly. Is there any way to “undo” this action or do I just have to hope this player transfers it back to me? Ugh!!! Feeling so dumb right now. Thanks.

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I believe they have to accept and hopefully it expires. Hubby transferred to me, but it has been too long to remember for sure. Does it say leader by their name?

No, you don’t have to accept - leadership was transferred to me not too long ago.

I’m always afraid I’m gonna hit that button when I check a member’s stats, lol - I wish it were not so easy to transfer leadership (there should be a confirmation prompt… or two!)


Sorry this happened to you, I sure hope Support can fix it.


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I’m sorry to hear that happened, @twaddlini. Hopefully, that Alliance member will log on soon and transfer the leadership back to you.

Yeah, that… ooor maybe he be like



Leave, create a new alliance and get all active members to join you … good way to identify active members

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Yes it already says leader. :frowning:

It appears he is inactive as trophy count is zero and he’s not been online in chat.

As @PQC said the only choice is getting everyone on the same page, create new one and migrate. Sorry to hear :confused:

Starting over may not be such a bad option… my alliance was created because our original leader abandoned us in January without transferring leadership. We were told that Ludia could not do anything about this (but this was different, he apparently quit playing and could not be reached).

So we created a new alliance and took about 25 active members with us. A new beginning was good for us! We are now getting 5/4 every week.

P.S. We all liked our original name so we just added II to it (Dazed Dinos II).