Account conflict


Been meaning to ask this for a while…

My son started playing jwa a while ago. For a time his account was in my android phone. Then we got him an iPad, and tried to transfer it over.

The way we planned to so this was to connect the jwa progress to Facebook, then load it up on the iPad. This worked fine for one of my other sons.

However, dad was distracted, and connected Facebook to the new instance rather than the old. This was now connected to facebook and game center.

So, i created another facebook for him, connected the account properly, and loaded it on the iPad.

Works great.

Problem is, now every time he loads it it asks him to confirm overwriting his level 12 account with that old level 2 account. He says no, and it loads fine.

How can we get it to stop saying that? Its kinda dangerous. It gives 2 support keys, one for each account. Ive tried deleting jwa off that facebook, ive tried deleting that facebook, ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game many times. I think its connected to his game center or something at this point.

How do we fix this?

This does seem a little tricky @wrothgar. If it’s possible, could you try disabling or signing out of Game Center on your iPad and then launch the game with the correct Facebook account logged in? However, make sure that you have the support key for your son’s level 12 account written down before making any changes, just in case. If you’re still getting the same message on your iPad, email our support team here at with the support key from both games and a screenshot of the message so our team can take a look.


Will do, thanks!