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Account deleted?


anyone with this same problem?:
Today i logged in, and suddenly the game started new from the beginning. My Support-Key changed (i got a completly new Key), and my whole progress was reseted. I also paid for a premium account and connected my account with Facebook yesterday, to safe my progress. I already wrote to the support…but meanwhile…HELP! :see_no_evil:
It´s very frustrating…i would be thankfull for any suggestions.


Go through the intro. Once your able, close the program completely and try again.


Thank you, but its the same result. I went through the intro, and then closed the game. Started again, and the same problem. Wrong Support-Key, and blank progress.


Did you change devices? I only ask as you said you just linked to your FB account yesterday. There is a help topic somewhere about when you are switching your devices and what steps to take. I followed that instructional information about two months ago and was able to switch with no issues. So if that is what you are doing I would start with those steps first to see if it solves your problem.


I’m sorry to hear that you had lost your account progress @Saegi, and I can understand that it must be frustrating. If your game was connected to your Facebook, you should be able to re-access it by tapping the “log in” button in the game settings menu, this is the gear icon that is located in the game on the upper left corner of the screen.

However, you’ll need to complete the tutorial first before you can reach the settings menu to sign in. There is also some more information on our FAQ here that could help as well:


Thank you for your help.i “played” the intro and after that i tried to log in to Facebook. after that i had to restart the game, but hell yeah: i’m back! thank you very much!

(and i didnt change my device… very mysterious… maybe its caused by the illuminati :grin:)

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