Account gone


Does anyone know how long it takes for the support to get back to you. I had asked my account to moved from google play to Facebook as switching back to iPhone. I had an odd message back over 3 weeks ago confirming if I wanted it moved, I replied yes. Then later or the next night my account was gone with a new support key for both google and Facebook. Now I’ve got no dinosaurs and about £40 quid out of pocket and now I’ve got to start again. I have sent another support message off my iPhone with the old support key but had nothing back again for over a week nearly. Is the customer service this poor.


Hey Daniel_Streeter, I’m sorry about the delay from our support team, they have been getting an influx of tickets lately, but they will try and get back to you soon. However, avoid sending in another email before you hear back from our team because it might reset your position in the queue.


Yesterday ended the self report period, where spoofers and other cheater could self report and send theyr support key for reset and later be refunded with ingame cash. Well it seems like they had alot of work in that period. I experienced something close that what you have faced. I can only say that Lidia has a good support. I have my account connected to facebook too after moving from android to apple.