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Account has been reset


I just started up the app and the game has started from the beginning, I shut down the app to restart it and it came up with an account switch dating back to a last log in of 25th may 2018! Which is way behind my actual level and amount of dinosaurs caught. I have played this game every day since I started and I logged in earlier today and it was all fine but now it’s all gone


You may want to get in touch with customer support via:

If there was a bug, then hopefully they will have your data on record and can restore your account data. However; if it could have been reset if your account was detected to have been using spoofing software or other software that violated the Terms of Use.

But just be patient and remember that support can take a few weeks to get back in touch due to the amount of tickets they’re receiving currently.


Hey Gemz88, that must have been confusing, make sure that you didn’t log out of your accounts like Facebook or Google Play store. If your game was connected to those accounts before, it would have logged you out if you did. Try reconnecting back to the correct account and relaunch the game.

If you still can’t find your account, contact our support team here at with your support key.


Same, I just had my account reset yesterday and I tried to contact customer service but they didnt respond

My account is still there, it just cannot let me log into it


And what if you don’t know that support key?


Hey Erwin_de_Vet, if you don’t remember your support key, you can try providing our team with the gamer ID and name from your previous game, and they might be able to find you that way in their system as well. If you have any other information such as an app store receipt for purchases in the game, it’ll be helpful too.