Account is flagged

I was traveling a lot, playing in different countries and the next thing I knew I got suspended twice. It has been about 3 months since then and I have not been suspended or banned since, so it’s obvious I was not cheating or doing anything I wasn’t supposed to do. Every time I contact your support I get the same message about how you are not repealing any flags or bans at the moment.

My question is when will you be if you will even do it? I’ve contacted support about 25 times and that’s the message I get. Maybe making a post might help my situation. The amount of support I give to this game and to be falsely accused of cheating is ridiculous and no real clear answer of when or if my flag will ever be gone. So please ludia can there be a repeal for my account ?


I am still waiting for an answer. Ludia. I am tired of getting the same answer from a guy named Mark giving me no reason what so ever why it’s actually flagged. I was accused wrongly and have yet to be suspended again so obviously it was your mistake . And all I see is we are not unflagging any accounts at this time. You call that support? I have had that same message 6 times.


Same issue as you some guy named “ mark “ said I was spoofing I never played games on my phone I just was wondering why I got the ban till I googled the spoof meaning I have family and friends that live in different cities nobody just plays this while he’s home sometimes I’m bored and I pull the game out I have vip and I have spent cash on it like an idiot, if they can’t fix this cause I’m not getting any trophy I’m just losing them and I don’t have any raids by me I’m going to stop my vip this was the biggest mistake I made, my alliance went from 50 down to 30 since all the offices opened again

Yup i got a different fake name one time also , it’s ridiculous. I tried calling but it is jn French says press 9 for English press it and it speaks to me in French some more

If you could switch to a new account with a new account key keep all of your stuff problem solved but I don’t think that’s possible

Nope not possible or I would do it in a heartbeat lol only thing I have to play for is contributing to an alliance

My alliance is big on pvp points and tournaments need trophy points

My old one was too I think but I battled and was top contributor so many times for an entire month and they kicked me 3 min before alliance championship ended to try and prevent me from getting rewards even tho I was 5th in that tourney for the alliance

That’s shady af of your alliance if you were top 5

Yup and the leaders all ignored me and wouldn’t invite me back to collect but joined another and got the rewards. But so hard being apart of one with 0 trophies idk how to get unflagged even if there was a way

Yeah they don’t care they don’t care about their customer base at all

I’m curious if anyone has ever been flagged and gotten their flagged removed

There was that one time Ludia accidently banned 10% of their player base, but other than that?
All flags are permanent, final, and will not be lifted under any circumstances after review.

But why is that they are still accidently banning their player base