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Account Issue

Haven’t been playing the game since Thursday (July 30, 2020). I’ve messaged Ludia Support about this and told me that it’s been Suspended that the screen will tell me how long but it doesn’t. Only thing the screen shows while loading the game is their server issue and need to check my internet connection. I don’t want to lose my account, I’ve put a lot of work into it. Ludia Support also said that I’m no longer able to contact them and banned from Leader Board. If any has been suspended or temporal banned, how long does it last? I’ve been told usually a week or 2.

Update: Just got my account back, not planning to mess around with it.

So you cheated… well, they can suspend you for as long as they want and you will never be eligible for the leaderboards again so congratulations


In my opinion, cheater accounts should be permanently deleted. No one should ever have to lose trophies to a cheater, leader board eligible or not.

I imagine being banned feels a bit like Cersei doing the shame walk, “Shame, Shame, Shame.”

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I didn’t say I cheated, I said that my game had pop up saying about server issue and check my internet connection to try again. Ludia false accuse me of cheating. Only thing I did was being invited to a Smiloenmys Raid and next day got the pop up. Not really helping of answering my question. Think before you speak.

You’re really not helping of answering my question. Imagine you got the same pop and got banned for no reason. Ludia has done that with some players and they eventually got their accounts unbanned.

The bans are for cheaters, its seriously like… the only reason they ban you

My post was a comment on being banned vs being removed altogether for cheating, it was not meant to help. The only people that can help is Ludia, and if Ludia is saying they will not help and they banned you, they likely have some seemingly credible evidence of you breaking some rule…be it cheating, exploitation, or harassment. For the sake of clarity, I do not believe or disbelieve you…I do not have any evidence of anything.

They just gave my account back, so happy with that but am not planning to mess around with it.

They just gave my account back and am planning to not mess around with it. My post was a question for asking help, not for you to just negatively towards it

Apparently you aren’t reading or something, I don’t know. I said specifically I was not here commenting on you cheating or not, that I was commenting on what should happen to cheaters and I had no belief in you cheating or not…because that is not what any of my post were about. I tried saying that if Ludia banned you, only they could help and they would seemingly have some evidence against you, and you respond by calling me negative. Ok pal. Don’t take your Ludia frustrations out on other players, keep them were they belong.


Yeah… I said you cheated, the other guy had nothing to do with it… oddly, you didn’t call me negative

That is enough of the personal attacks.

I’m not even frustrated, my game’s back, that’s all it matters

Look Nancy Negative, why don’t you go to where Ludia is, and have a nice skin to skin contact

Acting like children, believe me they complain a lot similar to legit players towards spoofers in Pokémon GO