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Account issue?

My friend has a iPhone 10 I have note 8 around the same dinosaurs. I wait up to 10min for a match that includes a few timeouts in the 3500 bracket they wait 2 seconds sometimes 8. They also get matched with lots of other players and can move to 4000. I will be matched with the same player up to 5 times in a row. The players I am matched with also are way above me dinosaur in the 25 level and multiple unique ones. I have multiple videos of this issue. Should I contact support or is it an issue with my phone? up to 20min now

Upto 40min now no Game over an hour now still no game try to uninstall reinstall clear data reboot 4g, 3 different wifi… Has to be an issue or bug with my account

Still have this issue upstate I Waite 20min to play the same player over and over I have battle the player 6 times in a row over 4hours of playing waiting for match and this player is well above me so all losses

Hey there, @yoshiryu, I’m sorry to hear that you have been having so much trouble finding and connecting to battles. I’m not really sure what the issue is, but our support team would be glad to help you troubleshoot this! Send them an e-mail at, and if you could include your support key in the email that would really help us help you faster. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply I did open a in game ticket is that the same as an email

Hey John just an update I got in 3 games this morning one was a bot/hacker but now have waited over an hour to get a game in I did send an email and have a ticket in I have test both my 4g and wifi testing perfect however maybe I have some loss in between the sever and me? Possible address to run a continuous ping while playing should clear up if it’s a connection issue witch I don’t believe it is. Also always gourp with same players in a small pool leads me to believe my account may have corruption? But if you have an ip address or dns address I can ping would be a good start

hey John update I am almost positive it’s my account I flight the same player over and over and when what I can only assume is when they stop playing I have super long wait time

Yes, opening an in-game ticket is the same as contacting us via email.

If this issue is related to your account, however, then our support team will absolutely need to take a look at things on our end. I know it must be frustrating to not be able to play, but we thank you for your patience!

Thanks for responding I am still waiting for support same issue I can get games with only a few players and when they stop my games do not start

Still waiting on support both email and in game ticket have not been answered is there anything you can do John?

I think my last game was at 8pm its now 2am with no games sorry for yet a nother update