Account linking problems

So my girlfriend and her kid had two different accounts to play the game. She used her Facebook to create his account and Google to create hers. When she switched over on her phone so her kid could play it switched to his account through Facebook. But when she switched back to her own account it now links both back to her account and his account seems to have disappeared. Is there a way to get the account back?? Now both Facebook and google go to her account no matter how she logs in. It somehow connected her account to both her google account and her Facebook account and the other one is gone.

Hey there, @Brian_Pastermack, I’m sorry to hear that this has happened to their accounts! Our support team would be glad to help out with this, so could you get your girlfriend to contact them at, including her support key so that we can find her faster in our system? They’ll figure out a way to get both of them back to collecting DNA as soon as possible. Thanks!