Account loss - PLEASE help!



I have been using the game on two phones, due to both having issues. In any case, primary phone is fixed now - so I gave the other back to my boyfriend.

To reset, so he can use it instead, I asked that phone to forget the game data associated with Jurassic world, via Google play.

THAT was a mistake; now neither phone can access the account, I don’t recall my game key, only the Google account it was connected to, and the gamer tag (StormDeva)

When trying to log in with the Google account again, it asked me to make a gamer tag. I figured it was just another bug, so I wrote StormDeva, and logged in.

And found myself back at level 1 - I was 10. I also have no dinos, and no progress.

PLEASE help; how do I fix this?

I can confirm the credit card used on the account, as well as the email, and the dinos.

Can something be done?
I can’t find how to directly contact :frowning:

Please, please help…


Hey , i did not tried this game yet but found this email , try to mail them :!
You will receive a system-generated automatic mail! Hope it will helps to you! If your phone problems won’t solve try that game on PC with Bluestacks App Player! I will test Jurwassic World : Alive now!


Also can be emailed


And :yum:


Thanks, I have emailed now, and keeping my fingers crossed :slight_smile: