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Account lost and not coming back!

An account was lost recently, totally unexpected, and every time we pull Titan Uprising up
it just starts a new account. Is it just connection with the game host unresolved? (somehow disconnected after iPhone/Titan Uprising update?) we looked for images that might contain support key, but we found none. Would reconnecting to GooglePlay work? Not sure what to do here. I’m not sure that you could help if we don’t have a support key to give you… It was a level 50 account suddenly gone. :confused:

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If you logged in the game with Google Play or Facebook then logging in to it should bring your game data back


Welcome back to the forums, @ShardEmbersRex. Have you previously linked your game account to Facebook/Apple ID/GooglePlay? If so, then logging in with the linked accounts should restore your progress, just as Kool105 mentioned. If you have been playing as a guest and lost your progress, please contact support at with your username included in the message so they can take a closer look. Thank you!

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Yes!!! I also have the exact same problem. I’m very frustrated. It asked me to sign in with Facebook or Apple ID. I hit Apple ID and now it restarted the entire game.:woman_facepalming:

Have you guys fixed your accounts? I have this problem too and had a call in with ludia Support for a week but they are not getting back to me. I sent them my support key and all data as I had a screenshot fairly from recently. I pay monthly for a game I now can’t access except as a brand new beginner. On settings logging in with Apple isn’t an option? I was a level 50 nearly 8000 point team. Is there a way for me to take this higher?? TIA