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Account lost email sent, no response received


I emailed 7 days ago about my son losing his account but have received nothing back, even a support ticket reference.

My son has had an account issue where all his progress has been lost. I had linked his account to Google play successfully but something has gone wrong and all progress has been lost. I have tried logging out of google play to revert to guest account but nothing isn’t working.

Please could you help with this as my son is very upset about this.

Welcome to the forums, @Fuzzhalo. I’m sorry to hear about this! The correct email used to contact our support team is Regardless, could you send me in a private message your support key and the email address you used to contact support? Thank you.

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Many thanks, PM sent

Just to close this, the support team at Lydia recovered everything and my son was very pleased to get his game progress back.