Account lost

I made the mistake by deleting the app and restalling it (IOS) as I thought it wold help with connection.
Now, I’m back at Level 1 instead of 15. I was about to sign up for VIP but don’t want to start from scratch.
Can I somehow get back my old account ? User: Chmartin77 “0818”

Already did send an email to but not response :frowning:

Have you tried to connect to Google account or Facebook?

Hey Chmartin77, our team will try and assist you once they get a chance to take a look at your ticket. In the meantime, do you remember if your game was linked to either your Facebook or Game Center account? Try reconnecting back to the correct account and then relaunch the game and see if you’re able to access your original game. If you were playing on a “guest” account, our support team would have to assist you further with this.

Hi, I connected through FB, when I try to re-connect I can choose between level 1 and level 1, my level 15 is gone :frowning:

Hi, I tried to connect thought FB

Hey there, @Chmartin77, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having so much trouble getting back into your account but at least I can try to explain why you have yet to receive a response! Unfortunately, it seems like you may have tried to contact us at the wrong e-mail address: our team can be reached at

I hope this helps!

Hi John

thanks for your reply.
I already did send my request to on monday but did not get any response so far.

Martin not check the address again
and forums not forum (plural)

Just click on the link the moderator put up! Easy peasy


Thank you, I re-sent the email. I used indeed the wrong email.

Kind regards

Funny part is normally you get a wrong address email back so there is a company called lugia that has a forum!