Account Name Inappropriate?

So I have had the same name since the game launched. I logged in today and its apparently been flagged as inappropriate. I cannot be the only one who sees how odd and dumb this is? Why is it all of a sudden an issue? And surely I cannot be the only one affected? I have emailed support but my alliance encouraged me to post this to draw attention to the potential issue

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This is the second time this has happened just in our alliance, and we’re completely baffled.

Why now, when people have had their usernames since 2018?


Hey there, PedroNisbetto. If you’ve already reached out to our support team about this, our team will be sure to take a closer look at this for you once they get the chance to review your message. :mag:


I dont see what is wrong with that username🤔


My original username (which was in no way a real name, anything copyrighted, or inappropriate) was removed on me a couple years ago, too. I never knew what happened (I didn’t even get a note; I just started showing as “Guest” everywhere all of a sudden), but I changed username to my current one and have been fine since. I’ve seen this happen to others, as well – always with names that are just fine and that they’ve had for ages.


omg that is wildly perverted … no wonder they flagged it as inappropriate. Get your mind out of the gutter, Pedro