Account problem

Hello its been about a week since my account got reset or whatever happened to it. I reached out to Ludia and its been a couple of days. No response. The account was a level 20 with over two years of almost daily play to get where I was at. I can also still see my old account when I try to add it on the friends list.

So what happened… I don’t know. I didn’t log out. Didn’t reset anything. I just opened the app via that button that list all the apps that have been opened. Opened it it tried to reconnect and when it did I started at level 1. Tried everything from removing my Google play accounts. Deleting apps everything. I forget what combination worked but trying to load the game up the same way I did the first time ( the first reset ) did reset the level 2 account to level one. So I’m convinced this is a Ludia problem and I didn’t screw anything up. I’d like my account back. I’ve spent a bit of time and money here. Still am a gold member or whatever it is. I’ve already lost a bit on helping my team.

Hey RicardoMilos, was your game linked with your Facebook account as well?

No this account was attached to my google play account. I have my sons account attached to my Facebook account but that used a different email. Have a gmail for all my Google stuff. And a personal for social.