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Account Recovery Potential?

So while ago, I ended up deleting Jurassic World Alive after playing for over two years. But since the release of update 2.8, I was reconsidering reinstalling the game, and wondering if it’s possible to recover my old account. This seems like a stupid question, but there are a few factors that make me question this as a possibility.
-My old account was a guest account
-Some time ago, I had my account transferred over to another device. I am unsure if the support key is still valid
-I am unsure if my account could be recovered at all since it was a Guest Account. I had attempted to merge my guest account to both my Google and Facebook accounts, but both of these just resulted in the creation of a new account.

Is there any possible way to get my progress back?

Hey Death_Raptor, if you reach out to our support team at, our team will be sure to try their best to help you recover your account. If you have any details on your old account such as the support key or in-game name followed by the 4 number digit, please include it in your email as well.

Thank you!

Thank you Ned! You’re always great at giving us some hope (:

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Update on this. My account data still exists, and it’s being transferred over to a more suitable device. Thank you for your help!

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Hey Death_Raptor, that’s great news! Hopefully, you’ll get your account back soon. :smiley:

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