Account reset help


Just reached level 6 and my account has reset. Is this a joke?


I’ve seen random people talking about their accounts resetting, but if that’s the case and you’re actually telling the truth, you should get in touch with the Ludia support to see if they can do something.

Just be aware though that the response time for support issue is pretty long, so you may have to wait up too 1 to 2 weeks depending on the seriousness of the issue.

Their support page is located here:


Oh god, I have no idea.

I’m on level 9 and think I would launch my phone into traffic if that happened.

I would suggest messaging Ludia but as far as I can tell you’ll be waiting until your 78th birthday for a response.


Got my account back in the end. But due to the recent update I’ve deleted the app as in my opion it’s ruined the game.