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Account reset, please help :(



Does your customer service really exist? My friend has sent you several messages to recover her lost account, to no avail.

She tried to connect her linked account only with Facebook to my phone and her game was totally reset.

She must start all over again, yet her account is still active in our alliance.

No answers from you for almost 2 weeks now …

Do you have a phone number?

Can you help us recover his account please?

His history was normally saved because his Facebook account was connected.

Why was it reset?

thank you in advance


Hey DJ.Nesia, our support team doesn’t have a contact number, but I’m sorry to hear if your friend has not heard back from our team yet if they had already reached out to them here at Depending on the issue, it could take some time for our team to investigate. However, they will try to reply to your friend ASAP once they finish their investigation.


So discouraging to hear that it’s been weeks with no response to help recover her account. I understand the disagreement The same thing happened to my account few days ago so I guess now I know the chances of them helping me recover my account is pretty slim. That’s 8 months worth of time, effort and a lot of money wasted for me.




I had an account loss due to Connecting to Facebook with my “Google play sign-in”. Since mistakenly I have created an account connected to Facebook before, and it started associating my Google play sign-in account with the facebook one, resulting in me logging into a level 2 account, instead of 14.
I wrote to support about it, and with a little back and forward, the issue was resolved within the same week.
So I would encourage trusting them on it.


Thank you Ludia support team for getting my game back to me in a timely manner! I really appreciate it! :grin:


Hey Angie_Gentry, I’m glad to hear that our team was able to help you get your account back!

Happy hunting.


I too am having this issue, I made a 2nd a/c for my grandson to play with when he stays with me…I have a lvl 14 main a/c…I’m using my new phone for main a/c and this old phone for new a/c I created on Thursday, with a lot of hard work and another VIP subscription as of yesterday the new a/c was well over lvl 6 1/2 with lots of trophies for getting Dino’s etc. When I tried to link the new a/c with another FB a/c somehow I have lost everything!! I added the new a/c on my FL and its still there showing the lvl6 and username…if its going to take as long as that then will probably cancel both VIP…not happy…I have checked and triple check Google Play accounts etc etc…so now I have to wait…I have all the receipts for VIP and I also bought some of the lvl up incubators! I have emailed Ludia with Screenshots too…I didn’t think to screen shot the a/c key as I didn’t imagine anything like this could go wrong…Praying they can find out what’s gone wrong :frowning:



Hey Sue_Bell, if you hadn’t already, could you reach out to our support team here at so our team can take a closer look and assist you? If you remember the support key from your old account, it’d be really helpful if you included it in your email as well. However, if you don’t have your old support key, our team might be able to find you if you gave them your in-game name along with the four-digit number after it — for example, xTREX#1234. The screenshot you provided for them should be helpful as well.


Well it seems it’s against TOS to have a Forum account for each JWA VIP account so really not sure how this is going to be resolved if I have to delete this 2nd account, todate I have had no response to the above problem…


Twice I have tried to post about my missing 2nd account but it seems that they are instantly hidden…time to step this up a notch…


Only course of action left was to phone Google…long conversation and hopefully this will get some response and help…


Another post hidden! Google aware…