Account reset to guest/level 1

Have contacted support about this, maybe someone here has the same issue or a fix.

I think I accidentally tapped “Guest” at some point and now I can’t access my original account. Before, I always had to tap sign in with Google play before the game would load - now it just loads as a guest at level one. I’ve spent to much time and money to loose what I’ve gained so far (level 12), Please help me regain my account.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling?

I have mine linked to google play and facebook so hopin this doesnt ever happen.

Alsooooooo have you ever spoofed for a dino at any point or used a 3rd party site for coins/bucks cause if so ya wont be getting it back

I read somewhere that if you are stuck on guest level you shouldn’t uninstall/reinstall. It would reset the game as guest permanently (or something like that). Funny thing, in the play store, all my account info achievements, payments, etc. are correct. And if I log in through there I still wind up at the entry level.

Never spoofed or ran 3rd party software on any game.

Id say try redownloading and if that doesnt work email them with your name/screenshots of your account if you got them

Hey gullwing169, you can connect back to your Google Play account by going into the Settings menu in the game. If you’re still having issues, our support team would be happy to help once they get back you.

I hope this helps!

Thanks Ned, worked a treat. Everything is back to normal, (knocking on wood as I type). Will pass the info on in the forum.

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It doesn’t work for me! I re downloading,connect back in google play,facebook i’ve done EVERYTHING u say DON"T WORK STILL DON"T WORK! I send a tons of mails,post tickets,form,i talk also with google play assistance service and they say to me that i need to talk with ludia but ludia don’t reply me never NEVER! im tired about that i’ve spent money here

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