Account resetting


When I created my game account I was in Turkey on holiday now I have returned to Scotland and all my stats have been reset. This is not acceptable refund all money I have spent or return my account to the state it was in before you decided without justification to zero it


Hey Gra_Raven, if your game was backed up onto a Facebook or Google Play store account, make sure that your game has not disconnected from those accounts. If you’re still having issues with your game, reach out to our support team at with your old support key, and they’ll be happy to assist you. If you don’t remember your old support key, give our team your new support key and the gamertag from your old game, and they might be able to find you.


Support are way too busy apparently I really want this resolved now as I have spent real cash and that now appears to be of no interest to support


Support is extremely busy right now. Still literally the only people that can help you.


Hey Gra_Raven, I’m sorry if you still haven’t heard back from our support team yet, they have been receiving an influx of tickets recently, but they will try their best to get back to you soon. If you’re still waiting, avoid sending in another email because it might reset your position in the queue.