Account support


Cant find my account, did all of the android generac support recommendations as far as Google play goes as instructed by Ludia supports but now no one is getting back to me. Is there any other form of live support that can get on the ball with things a bit faster?


I requested to speak to someone through the in game support two weeks ago . I’ll let you know when they eventually answer it


ya I’m not very impressed with the response time I’m used to playing p2p with a fairly rapid live support team. Only put about 100 in so far but I will definitely be pulling my VIP membership if this is how they operate.


Hey Chrispm22, I’m sorry about the delay from our support team. They’re working hard to try and get to everyone who needs assistance and they will try to get back to you as soon as they can.


so what is considered an acceptable response time like I said I’m just used to a lice support system where its immediate response once your connected, usually only after a few minutes of waiting


Don’t count on them responding anytime soon and if they do it’s normally a generic response they have probley copy and pasted and then if you reply back you will be waiting another long time to get a response…


I’d say that’s exactly what has happened. very annoyed


Same here a generic response asking me to send my game key and then nothing


@Ned I sent message like 5 days ago about not seeing any friends or being able to friendly battle or see who I’ve battled. Nobody seems to care that we spend alot of money and this should be taken care of in a timely matter. I want to be able to see who I’ve battled and request friends to battle.


Thanks for replying to me as well about waiting on support. Oh right sorry you didn’t


Hey everyone, I’m sorry if you’re still waiting on a response from our team. Our support team has their procedure for investigations but sadly, I don’t really have knowledge of their process, and it’s possible that it could take some time. However, they’ll try their best to get back to you as fast as they can.


Thats very doubtful some of us have been waiting for weeks support is nothing but rubbish in this game.

Other games support staff take a day or less to reply can’t understand why ludia can’t! After all they have no problem taking our money but if something goes wrong they take forever to reply and then it’s generic