Account transfert from iOS to Android


Hey guys
I have started to play to jw Alive with an iOS phone now i have to change my phone and i have choose an Android phone. For working reason these 2 phones should have different configuration of email. It’s possible transfert my account and create a Facebook backup? I need to know this point to decide to continuing to play, thanks


Link it to Facebook … probably only way.


I gues it should be possible to continue on a new phone, when you connect your account via facebook. I am on an android phone and have it connected via googleplay, so this helped me to keep my stats, even if I had to reinstall the App several times.


yeah, facebook. i have an iphone and an android and play on both (not at the same time obviously), but facebook sync is cross platform.


I wanna flash my huawei p10 from droid 8 to 7 cus im not happy with last update…my poor batery is :fire: and phone overheats way way more
Soooo i will lose everything in it, to recover JWA progress i just need to connect to Facebook or i need something else?


Amazing thank you!!!


Amazing thank you! .


Connect your account with the Facebook account -> into the new phone download the app and catch one of the first dino in the tutorial -> account -> settings-> Facebook connection -> now the game will ask you of you want change the account with the Facebook associated-> click yes and continue -> your account sì in your new phone !


I have always used the same email so it will transfer, it worked for me I was so happy.