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Account was gone

Upon deleting my app to try and play the game after the update I lost all my progress and was put back to lvl 1 is there any way I can get that progress back?

This link is a picture of my account before I lost it idk if this will help.

Did you ever Connect to that account through Facebook, Google Play, etc.? If the freshly loaded game started you out as a Guest again, you might just need to Connect again in Settings (accessed by pressing the button that shows your player level in the upper left corner). If you have been restarted as a Guest, you might have to play the first few tutorial items before the Player Level button is accessible, but this only takes a couple minutes.

Hopefully that is all you need to do. I’ve had a couple scares where I thought I lost everything and it can be disheartening.

I did all that and the only thing I can access is a lvl 1 account and this lvl 2 so I don’t know where my lvl 20 account got to

. I even if it is under guest it should still be saved under there regardless of deleting the app. That makes no sense

Sorry this suggestion was not the solution to get you back into your original game. Ludia will have to help.

From Ludia’s Help pages about clearing cache;
“Please note that if you are playing as a Visitor and you uninstall the app, you will risk losing your progress. To avoid this please connect your game to Facebook or Game Center.”

I’m sorry to hear about this, Hertz. Our support team would be glad to provide assistance so please send them an email at If you have the support key to your original account, please include it in your message along with this screenshot to help them locate your account faster in our system. Thank you!