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Account wiped out

I was in the middle of a strike event when the game froze on me. I exited the game and when I got back in, I had to re sign in through Facebook. When I did, my account was wiped out and the game had me start from level one. Does anyone know how I can get my account back? Thank you!

Me too!! I’m freaking out… I’ve put in countless hours on this game. I was out walking the dogs hunting for Dino’s and my game froze at a supply drop. Next thing I know I’m logging into the game starting from level 1. There’s no option for me to login with Google and when I select to log in with Apple, the game only finds new accounts I’ve had to make trying to log back into the game with my original profile. I’m devastated… please help!!!

I had two Facebook accounts. I found out the game was logging me in to my newest account. I deleted my newest account and the game logged me into my original account, the account I started the game with, and got all my stuff back