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Achievement Idea: Mastery

An achievement that basically has 3 levels, and requires you to kill a certain dinosaur 10, 50, and 100 times per level. For example:

Thoradolosaur Mastery Level 1
-K.O. 10 of this creature: Thoradolosaur.

There will be mastery for ALL creatures, and the rewards will be 50, 150, and 300 HC for each mastery level, or 500 for every creature mastered. And with over 200 creatures in the game, you can get over 100000 HC :flushed:

Lord Lythronax’s mastery would be 150, 350, and 600 for each level to add up to 1000 HC (so basically there for the achievement)

That’s my suggestion for today, good or bad? Let me know your thoughts.


I’d love this to be added to the game. An incentive for doing pvp.
Also, question: would beating a creature, in this case thor, also be counted in campaign?


With how the game works, yes, and even in strike towers


Ok, thanks for the clarification

Some achievements

High up :
Unlock giraffatitan, Brachiosaurus and sonorasaurus
Reward 200 Brachiosaurus dna

Horned beasts :
Unlock triceratops, triceratops gen 2, nasutoceratops, stegoceratops and sinoceratops
Reward : 200 sinoceratops dna

Jurassic park master :
Unlock spinosaurus and spino gen 2, t rex and compy gen 1 and 2 triceratops gen 1 and 2 ,Brachiosaurus, parasaurolphus stegosaurus and dilophosaurus
Reward : jurassic park incubator

Camp family :
Unlock blue, t rex, i rex, scorpius rex, compy, bumpy, monolophosaurus, ouranosaurus, parasaurolphus, carnotaurus, baryonx, sinoceratops, Brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, pteranodon and dimorphodon
Reward : camp cretaceous incubator


Like the idea, but minor tweak: instead of getting points for the creature in question, you should get points for using that creature to get K.O.s. The way you have it now, it will be very difficult to get mastery for creatures that aren’t in the standard metas. BUT if you get points for using a creature to get K.O.s, it has the opposite effect: players are encouraged to use different creatures to obtain mastery of each, effectively expanding the size and variety of the meta (lower rarities could be obtained via strike towers and tournaments). And this way, the player is in control over which dinos they’re trying to master: you don’t need to get lucky and have your opponents use particular creatures (some of which will probably never see play in arena or a strike tower anyway). Plus “mastery” sounds like something you earn for learning how to use a tool (or in this case, a dino).


My version of this mastery was moreso hunting mastery, although I could rename this one to Hunting Mastery with this one intact

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Why not both? There’s lots of dinos that you can’t dart in the wild anyway: but you can (theoretically) use every dino to get KOs, so it makes more sense to me to use getting KOs for a roster-wide mastery feature.