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[Achievement] Spinotasuchus research

Hello !
I just wanted to be sure about this achievement which requires to fuse 2500 Spinotasuchus dna…
The amount seems a little bit too much in my opinion, is this intented or is it a mistake ? ^^
Quick reminder : eight rank unlock “Gorgosuchus research” : fuse 200 of that epic-hybrid dna.
Fifteenth rank unlock “Spinotasuchus research”. Fuse 2500 legend-hybrid dna. At least ~200k coins to spend (just to fuse, not even evolve) for a reward of : 500 coins.
Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Hey Erilys, I believe that is the correct requirement for that Achievement but I can definitely forward your feedback to our team.

Ok great ! Thanks Ned. :slight_smile: