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Achievement tab crashes game

Game ver: 2.6.26

Bug Description:
Whenever I have achievement awards that are ready to be collected (and sometimes not!) loading the tab will result in several crashes before I can actually collect the achievements. Something that should take a few seconds can take around 5+ minutes.
Looks like it’s gotten worse with the non cash/coin achievements after this update. I have a badge and an emote achievement ready to collect but I cannot collect them at all. The game instantly crashes after accessing the achievements tab, and after multiple tries it doesnt look like it’s letting up. Which means I can’t access any of the other tabs at all :frowning:

Area is was found in:
The Achievement/Daily missions/Alliance missions tab thing.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Finish the requirements for a and/or multiple achievements (or sometimes not at all)
Step 2 - Go into the achievement etc tab to view them
Step 3 - The game will load for a few seconds with the achievments reading 100/100 and will then immediately crash.
This will happen around 4 or 5 times before it randomly decides it won’t crash and will let me collect said achievement awards.

How often does it happen:
Every single time there are achievements ready to be collected. If I can have the Daily missions tab loaded so it goes into that instead it doesn’t happen.

What type of device are you using:
iPhone 6 Plus

Anything else?
This started happening in version 2.5
Internet connection strength does not matter.
Uninstalling + Reinstalling also doesnt fix it.
This is what I see just before the game crashes:

Hello Kelenken. I’m sorry to hear this crashing is happening. Can you please message our team at so they can look into it? Thanks!

Will do

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