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[Achievement] The weakest winners

Hello :slight_smile:

This achievement has probably be done by a majority of players during tournaments, but now with the recent changes in tournament rules (recent poll), it seems we are getting less and less (never anymore ?) tournament including common creatures.

So now, the 2 options left we have to achieve this achievement are :
1- To massively drop in arena until our “common team” is able to bring us victories. (And ruining experience of a lot of players during our drop and our climb back.)
2- To massively invest ressources in common creatures… (Which is basically impossible for a player recently arrived in the game)

Don’t you think it is time to modify this achievement ? Maybe by allowing it in friendly battles ? (Right now, friendly don’t work)

Thank you for reading.

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I actually don’t even know how people got this 1 done in tournaments, they were far more patient then I am. The tournaments that allowed you to use commons still always allowed use of epics at the least and a full team of commons was always a heavy disadvantage. I’d be on board with just about any way of making this 1 just a bit more accessible

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The rules for the 5 tournaments to come are out, and like I supposed, there will be not even one including common creatures.

How are we supposed to do this achievement ?!

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