Achievement you are not proud of

First ever creature unlocked without being able to get a component to fuse level…

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I would say you shouldn’t not be proud of this one specifically. There’s no way us normal foke are gonna get enough para lux in the first place. I’ve only seen 6 total


Still paying for VIP😬


Short range spawns are really strange on my side. I used to have some every once in a while (talking about the common one here, not even dreaming of the legendary) but since I moved to the countryside I do not see any spawn now and playing on mobile data isn’t an option as the game doesn’t even launch if not on WiFi.

85 more weeks now to get it to level 30…

I can top that! I could level tovenator to 25, and neither of its components are up to proper level yet! :laughing:

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Levelling Edmonto to L24… For whatever reasons😂


lucky, i only saw it once and I was in the car, so I missed it to a misclick. 19ś still pretty good tho, that’s 866 DNA. You must have seen this dino like over 10 times or been really good at darting legendaries. I’m not sure how hard it is to dart.

Not easy to dart but 80-120 is doable.

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When I collect the feature creature after each tournament l loose 130 trophies …WHY…I’m trying to get out of lockwood… no chance with this loss Why,

After every season your score is reset to the nearest reset point (4499, 4750, 4999, 5250, 5499, 5950)

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Not proud of these.

Alanqa was an accident. Erliko I shouldn’t have done. Mono minus was good then it got hit with all those nerfs. I hate having at these weird levels not ending in a 5 or 0.