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Achievements for Anky

Anky achievement where they are to be last on your team as you win a battle. Completed this in tournament but was not given the achievement. Am I supposed to drop a bunch of arenas to complete this in the arena? I feel intentionally dropping arenas is unfair to other players.

PVP season battle means ARENA not Tournaments…

I completed it in a tournament. Has it changed?

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I don’t know exactly but I completed it in arena…

I completed in tourney but it wasn’t awarded. I contacted support regarding it today. I’m hoping it can be completed by tournament because it’s really unfair to other players to drop arenas to complete it.

Does it require the Anky to get the final kill or does it need to just be on the screen as you win, for example if you swap into Anky but the swap move kills the opponent, or you know they are going to lose due to bleed so just swap Anky and win.

Because if this is now arena only, with Anky only doing ~500 damage at lvl 15 there is no way it can be done without dropping arenas.

So either it can be done in tournament but may be bugged, or Ludia is promoting arena dropping.

I think they are promoting arena dropping if it can’t be done in tournaments. Pretty sad for players in lower arenas Ludia. I don’t see how it could be fair play.