Achievements..... More? or just enough?

I know the massive update was just yesterday but who else already needs/wants more achievements?
Before I post how many I already have completed… Yes I know I have a “mild” addiction problem with this game :wink:

I already have 30/31 completed and am working hard completing 7 more creatures to get my 100th dinosaur.

How far are you?
Do you think Ludia needs to make more achievements?


You are near end-game.
Probably a new achievement of having 50 lv 16 dinos.

That coins and cash tho.

I just have 22/31

I think some achievements might need to give quests need long-term to clear, like several months.
And give extremely great reward.

For example, 250 direct hits quest actually could finished in several hours.
If they give a 5k or 10k direct hits quest along with more cash, I’ll be please with that.

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More please.

PvP friend battle chieve needs to happen.

My name has ‘ch’ in it pronounced ‘k’. So I pronounce suchus, sucks. I would like to equip 8 of the Dinos on my battle team with the suchus name for achievement “My team sucks” :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Equipping a full raptor team should get you “It’s a raptor party” sung like Oingo Boingo’s it’s a dead mans party.

Battle with 4 Dino’s that have counter attack and 4 that have immunity for “I’m rubber, you’re glue” achieve.

“Win, lose or draw” battles in both arena and against friends for two total stars.

@ZombieRex just wondering, how much real money have you spent lol that cash :drooling_face:


My stats are 20/31. Any yes, hopefully we‘ll see more archievements. But please give us coins, not cash!!! :grin:

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I would like to see ones based on distance walked


I’m far from finished with the achievements but the truth is they are mostly easy to complete. I never liked grinding but to be honest, something like achievements should be grindy. It’s about the only thing in a game that should be grindy. I don’t want to complain because we are getting lots of free cash and it’s certainly better than nothing but in my opinion they should have made more achievements harder to complete. Not just based on level - achievements that require you to have level 20 dinosaurs are not grindy, they just require you to spend real money and that would be worse. But maybe achievements that require you to play a lot, with larger objectives, maybe 100k coins instead of 10k and things like that.

I’ve nearly done them all. Hoping that more get added in time. Hoping for repeatable ones such as every time you catch 100 dinosaurs or 10 bucks for every mile you walk ( if PoGo can do something to get you walking why not JAW? )


I like the fact that you can get cash for awards,helps those that can’t spend to keep up

I don’t even want to think about that lol but I only buy the level up bonus packs (ignore the fact I am at lvl 15 and they are $49.95 each :neutral_face:)

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I’ve gotten 30/31 already, I would love to see more achievements in the future and some harder ones too. These were all relatively easy to accomplish.


The only real challenging one is the amount of creatures you have unlocked. The Epic DNA total would have been a pain before the new change of finding them in the wild more often

I receive enough hard cash to trade them with 25.000 coins :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

By the way, this is my achievement screen

I think they will add more achievements, in the future.

I wait for a rare or epic incubator. :sweat_smile:

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I need more I’m done already.

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Sorry to resurrect this one but didn’t want to start a new one.

Why no new achievements? Can’t be a difficult change and I have certainly passed a few that would qualify, e.g. first unique, all fliers collected, etc etc. Yes, I know they will be added at some point and I will be grateful for the bucks at the time but its not as satisfying as unlocking them one by one - I had nearly all of them to start with first time round.