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Achievements you are proud of

We’ll to be banned 3 times for no reason is really impressive, not that I’d like to achieve that but it’s impressive. It’s only a forum :grin:

I guess I’m joining the cool club today.

I’d like to add that I’ve only ever shot the turtle during the event and never seen a wild one. All dna came from the sanctuary and the last few days of the daily.

Just need the other turtle hybrid and that’s a complete dinodex again.


New member of the team. I call him Goat.


Got my suchotator to 29 yesterday :slight_smile: he is unboost but really nice with his moveset nowadays (bleed + nullify useful against evasive dino now), and he got 52** health so not bad with no boost!


Today, I unlocked both erlidomimus and Indoraptor Gen2! Back to back, and it’s awesome.


I unlocked my erlidom yesterday. I lover her. With dodge on my side she went toe to toe with a thor, indo and monomin. Beat down all 3.


I like it when my Erlidom tears through Thors.

I am proud of not throwing my phone when a LV 12 player with 4 uniques beats me, a LV 20 player with only 3 uniques, and they only do so only using Indo G2.

Seriously, its happened twice…well one was a level 13 player. Do those people lose for months only playing with components until they can get the unique? If not, how are they getting uniques without pushing their levels up?

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This morning I got magna to level 28 so I was happy.

I used to do this when I first started playing. I wouldn’t battle until I unlocked one or two new dinosaurs (epic or legendary) then go to the arena, do a few battles rinse repeat. I eventually stopped when I got bored of going to the arena and just focused heavily on collecting dinosaurs.

I don’t have the patience for that. I played without the arena for a few weeks, then saw there was more progress to be made by playing in the arena…so I ended up battling for incubators and alliance missions.

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We were at 3 and 3 on Monday when the mission reset happened. Still managed to get 5 and 5.


Dinodex complete. I unlocked the turtle, leveled it up, and got both hybrids all from the sanctuary. I only darted those 6 or 9 whatever in the event a few weeks ago. I’ve never found one in the wild. Haven’t found one on the hybrid pursuit yet either. I’m proud of that. Now to get carboceratops to 20 for its hybrid in the future. Ugh. I want to be finished with this turtle.


Today is a great day!
Alita and Thor tasted ardentismaxima for the first time